Jan 31, 2016

Another YouTube video from Weso

It's amazing how a cell phone can produce a quality video such as this one.
It is also apparent to me that the Inshome modular club here in Spokane needs
a guy to help with members modules to set a standard for the club. Too many
rough spots in the scenery it seems.  Jerry
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 5:01 AM
Subject: another YouTube video
I've posted another video.
This time I put together 40+ clips taken with my cell phone.
The first 15 are from my days at INSHOME.
The rest are shot at Evergreen.
There are no special sounds effects in this one, just the sound of our models trains and members chatting it up in the background.
It's nearly 30 minutes long so grab some popcorn and you favorite beverage!
Oh yeah, share with the masses please.
Steve Weso
click on this here link ----->   https://youtu.be/wq1s5hdIOOY

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