Jun 3, 2017

Variety is the spice of life!

I had 3 Joes recently and this is the last one of the inventory that should sell this next week, Don Carnegie took it for a spin on Thursday for its final
trek on the Evergreen layout. They were 5000 horsepower monsters in the era of 1500 HP diesels. Time and wear and tear took its toll of these unique
locos originally built for the Soviet Union, hence the name Little Joe in reference to Joe Stalin, perhaps number 2 monster that ever walked the earth.
BN had 14 different paint schemes in it 25 year existence and this one was unique to 3 SD60 units
with its orange/black stripes on the nose. Steve Weso knows this stuff so that's how I am so in tune as well.
New member Ver Walker took his UP engine for a stroll on the Green branch with a caboose in tow.
Maybe something we would have seen on the Camas Prairie Railroad in its day?
The Northern Pacific had quits a few GE locos on the roster including U25s, U28s, and U33s. They all
looked similar and us railfans and modelers would know the differences. Marvin had this set working the
Blue Main.
Member Janis Ledum had these two famous locos running with some heritage passenger cars in tow.
BN painted 3 of them in the red/white and blue in celebration of our country's birthday in 1976.
Keith had his Alco C-636 in charge of 3 baby Alcos he acquired from me recently and what a sight
they make climbing the hills of Evergreen. I miss all of it and modeling allows me to remember better
when they used to run through Spokane.

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