Jun 17, 2017

Riding the Rocky - Part 4

The Canadian railroads have as many tunnels as we have on the Evergreen club layout....well almost.
They were too numerous to count but the best tunnels were yet to come.
That would be the Spiral Tunnels, this one is the lower version that goes into a mountain, makes a complete
circle inside a mountain and crosses over itself coming out. We just came out of the second, higher spiral
when I took this photo of where we just were to gain altitude.
Here's the same spot but 50 years before so the trees are taking over the view. I am standing on a
turnoff from the highway where Canadian Pacific locos in maroon and grey were the colors of choice back then.
The right of way is the light colored spots above the lead loco where it entered the tunnel and the smoke
indicates the other end of it. This shot is on my Canadian photo CD.
Our first day was from Vancouver to Kamaloops. And this is the second day from Kamaloops to Banff
where we will get off the train and stay the night at a hotel. There's no sleeping accomodations on the train
for the guests. The 500 people stay at different hotels in each city.
The bus dropped us off at the hotel and we picked a place for dinner on our own.
When we turned on the TV much to my surprise was my name shown on the TV. But where's Burt's name?

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