Jun 20, 2017

Day 3 - On the road to Jasper

A popular turn off on the highway had this view for us to enjoy. I marvel at the power that was needed to create these mountains.
It just kept coming. I was in Switzerland in 2011 and these mountains were equally impressive.
A tiny bit of civilization was this lodge where we had lunch and a viewpoint for the glaciers we were
about to walk on.
Buses similar to ours make their way up the road to
the tour bus location.
This is a tour bus on steroids! They had about a dozen of these monsters to move people through
the moraines of rock to the actual glacier surface.
And here we are with a hundred or more people walking on million year old ice. The ground was slick
with standing water and I was concerned with slipping and breaking something.
That grade back to our bus was 34 degrees! The surface is rock made from glacial action over the
centuries. The driver said that if the angle was 37 degrees the bus would flip over!

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