Jun 21, 2017

Day 3 -Jasper bound!

After leaving the glacier area on the bus we still had a few miles let to go to get to Jasper. This Elk
stopped by but seems a bit nervous knowing the mountain man is on his way to the great White North.
The bus stopped at Athabasca Falls. Story goes that some early explorer tried to canoe over this spot and
didn't make it.
Not a bad rest stop as it was another fantastic viewing spot.
When we arrived at Jasper I saw Via arriving at the station headed by 2 F40 EMD diesels.
So the bus dropped us off at the hotel I thought maybe I can catch a shot of the train after a 1/2 delay.
I waited another 1/2 hour and she is coming out of the station! This is Canada's version of Amtrak and
connects all the northern communities with the rest of the nation.
Shades of the 50s streamliner era. Domes and a observation car reminds me of the California Zephyr.
Oh, the good old days. look at the trail to the left side, the railroad put it in so people could enjoy the train scene!
Would this be nice to have this set up along Trent Avenue on the south side?

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