Jun 16, 2017

Riding the Rocky - Part 3

I was pleasantly surprised that the door vestibule would be open for us crazy photographers to take
photos without the interior glare on the windows. They have platforms for the Gold guests on the larger cars
but I was a Silver guest and the door window worked just fine for me.
You can see the difference between the cars for the different rankings but for another $1000. per guest
that was the only advantage I could see. Maybe the Gold guests got massages?
A photo of the photographer? How quaint! That's me and Burt. I call him Burtley. He still likes me.
Much could be seen by us rail travelers in the way of railroad equipment such as this one sided snow plow
Every curve of the rails gave us a new perspective of the mountains and it was impressive to see
where snow and water have carved out chunks of hillside. The railroads had to deal with each one of these
details especially rocks.
One moment it is quiet and the next moment a 300,000 pound monster to passing your glass
window by at least 4 feet.....at speed!

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