Jun 17, 2017

Riding the Rocky. Part 2

Upon arrival at the Rocky Mountaineer train station
Before we boarded the train, the 500 plus customers were entertained by a piano guy playing tunes
for our departure. Champagne was served to the guests. They sold hats and shirts there as well in their own Rocky train station.
Here we see how we traveled as the girls gave us our instructions on eating, drinking, snacks to come our way.
We followed the Frazer River for a time and past Hell's Gate where my buddy Ralph and my grandson David spent
a day here while on a 2007 NMRA train convention down the road. They have a aerial tram that brings you down
to the buildings near the river.
One side of the river is the Canadian National track while the other side is Canadian Pacific tracks.
They share rights of way so all traffic flows on one direction on each side. Less wrecks seem the goal?
Here is where they switch sides as CP took the easy way as they were first and CN had to it the hard way
with what was left.
One of the girls serves lunch or a snack or dessert. Her name was Nancy and all of them were very friendly.

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