Jun 19, 2017

Day 3 - Riding the non Rocky because we are now on a bus!

Today Burt and I get on a tourist bus and we get the front seats. Here we depart beautiful Banff for parts unknown to us except we head north to Jasper!
Our first stop is at Lake Louise where they have an elaborate hotel to view a glacial lake. It was built by the
Canadian Pacific and it has thrilled millions of us tourists over the 100 plus years of its existence.
We get back on the highway and head north again and in the distance we see what we are going to cross.
Thye had a number of these overpasses along the way and they are not what you might think. They are
not for cars or people either. They are built for animal crossings so man and animal don't run into
car fenders and windshields. Clever these Canadians!
Each bend in the road reveals another beautiful scene I wish I could model this well in miniature.
What's this....railfans on the road? Getting a shot of a Canadian steam engine?  The only problem is
that there isn't tracks within 100 miles of where we are because the terrain is too tough to build through
this region of Canada. They see some animal and I hope they keep their distance.

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