May 28, 2017

Rail congrestion at Wishram, Washington!

It all happened by chance when a few of the guys were running their trains past Bakersville when it became apparent that a photo op was possible.
Keith is on the outside main. Steve Weso was on the inside main.  New member Colin Fitzgerald has the 2 RS units with the reefer cars and my 2 units
sitting in front of the station are waiting for another train to arrive. The Union Pacific Shay on display is still a mystery if it is Wishram. Ignore those giants
in the background.
First generation diesels rule the rails as one set takes the reefers into the yard while the other set is
heading for far off towns such as Spokane.
Mr Keith Wiles, formerly know as Mr. SP&S as he grew up in Wishram and his dad worked for the railroad,
has this matched 4 unit set in original paint heading off for the 300 mile run to Hillyard yard in Spokane.
Interloper Don Carnegie is a die hard Milwaukee Road fan and here is is with the 4-8-4 steamer with
the premier passenger train on the line. Rumor has it that he can't even spell SP&S!  But it's only a rumor!
Speaking of Milwaukee Road I too fell victim of its attractions when at one time
I had 3 of these beauties of electrication. I t all ended in 1974 when they pulled the plug and retired
these 12 units along with the remaining boxcabs. Now mine are gone as well
to the evil Ebay.!

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