Jun 23, 2017

Day 4 - Heading back to Kamaloops

Burt and I are now at the station with 550 people for the return leg of our trip from Jasper back to Kamaloops.
The passenger train is maneuvering in the yard to get the train next to the gate for our convenience.
I don't think they would want this crowd to be stepping over rail to get aboard.
I wandered over to the front of the station and this well preserved Canadian National steam engine was
displayed there.
I finally got close up to our power for the Rocky Mountaineer and this is what they looked like.
Walking back to our car I see Burt in the distance waiting for me to get on board. On the first 2 days of
the trip we were tail end Charlie, now we are the lead car with the locomotives. Different train and crew.
These sisters I think were from Australia and they are now on the e-mail list so they
will see themselves taking photos for their memories.
I spend more time in the vestibule and caught this CN freight passing us along the way.
Lots of rain and plenty of snow had the waterfalls and
streams in full measure.

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