Jun 16, 2017

Going on a train ride....through the Canadian Alps! Part 1

You can't get there from here as Burt and I needed to get to Seattle before we can get to Canada, at
least from Spokane. Here we have 2 Alaska planes in perfect coordination moving towards the gates.
Burt got sick and his sister wanted to give Burt a present of a train trip and get to pick a friend to go with him. Me!
Burt and I then jumped on a puddle jumper for the 25 minute trip to Vancouver, BC where the great
adventure begins. It had propellers!
Arriving at Vancouver we were greeted by a limo to get us to our hotel. Now I know how the rich
people feel.
Now that we had our hotel room acquired we walked a few blocks to the Lookout Tower
and viewed the harbor area from this vantage point. Alice and I took our first cruise from this dock
to Alaska back in 1997.
Did you know Canada has trains? Who knew?  Pretty good scenery for a club layout as well.
And here's the reason we are here to ride the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff and back
in a round about way so stay tuned.

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