Jun 22, 2017

Bringing back memories of trips on the North Coast Limited.

Three times I had the pleasure of riding out west from New Joisey to Spokane. The first time was 1963 on my honeymoon with Alice, the second time was
1966 on a vacation with our new son Jerry Jr. and third was to move to Spokane! This Greg Mercier train reminds me of those times sitting in the Vista Dome
and taking in the sights and sounds of this great adventure called being alive. Regrets? Not many!
This is an observation car that I never enjoyed but I don't know why? Not in the right class accomodations?
Never traveled to the rear of the train? I did on the New York central but not the NP!
Don had his Model T at the club and I snuck out and took a photo with the club's magnetic sign on his car.
Back inside, we find a crew working the rocks near 3 railroads with the NP diesels roaring by as the
men make way for the paying customers.
More NP freights dominated the club today as Marvin's Geeps deliver the goods. Some day those
semaphores will actually work.
Quick action allowed me to catch Jack Pappas using the turnabout on the Red line which has a
tunnel to allow trains to change directions.

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