Jun 29, 2017

Is passenger service coming to Spokane?

Yes, but only if you are a big shot with the Union Pacific Railroad. I got word from my underground
agent that something special was passing through our area and I caught up with it near Felt's Field
in the Spokane Valley.
Two big and new diesels were the power for these 4 passenger cars that held a Vice President or
some body important enough to justify this service. Maybe the wash outs this spring on the old Spokane
International line to Canada would have something to do with this train's appearance.
Observation cars say somebody is somebody with the railroad.
I moved to the Green Street bridge for another shot at it from a better vantage point when a Union Pacific
SUV passed by to see if the coast is clear. I was on public property so he was not interested in me!
The sun was cooperating at is is about 11:30 in the morning Wednesday, June 28th on a westbound train
passing Spokane Community College and also the old SI yard where RS-1s used to congregate
in the 1950s. UP took them over in 1959. Not a bad way to travel if you are a railfan either.

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