Jun 29, 2017

Main line railroading in miniature!

Anyone who lived in the Northwest in the 1950s saw these Northern Pacific Geeps plying the rails delivering the goods to many communities along the way.
What could be better than a brace of 4 units doing this job day after day?
How about 2 sets of NP GP7s and 9s doing it in different directions? We did it at the Evergreen today as
Marvin and Greg had a set of each making the rounds.
Much overlooked by me is our own trolley system hauling people around town..
The SP&S was well represented by Steve Weso with 6 Alcos on the point.
That same set works it way through a set of switches in the back area.
Big power was called on for coal trains and general freight by Jack Pappas and Ver Walker. Big time!

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