Jun 13, 2017

Another N scale layout masterpiece from Jerry Jr.

Several years ago I featured what my oldest son Jerry Quinn was doing in his garage with N scale.
Not being all together happy with the results he has rebuilt it into another wonderful layout with a twist.
Many of his buildings are kitbashed from multible kits to make them into skyscrapers in a mix
of European and Japanese with a hint of American design.
It is in its early construction with many details still left undone.
One outstanding feature is the interior detailing there alternate floors are lit and furnished so it
looks like any city where some are dark and some not.
Another amazing detail is lights added to the N scale cars. jerry described that cars can be purchased
ready to connect at $25.00 each but he has purchased in bulk N scale cars that he adds the lights to at
something like a $1.00 per car. And he has a load of them of this layout. Something us HO guys need
to pay some attention too?
The city church is a real eye catcher to look like a small church in the middle of any modern city that
has been built around but still survives. Nice work, jerry!

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