Jun 27, 2017

Guess who joined the club today!

Doug just moved here from the Seattle area and is a good friend of Greg Mercier who moved here last
year himself. Doug says he models Milw, SP&S. GN, NP, NYC, SP, Pennsy and lots of other U.S. railroads.
We'll be waiting to see what he brings in to the club. Doug is also a U.S. Navy guy just like Greg.
Welcome home Doug!
One member has this speed-o-meter at the club to see how fast or slow our trains are running around the
club layout. Jack Pappas had his BNSF train test it and it reads 7.7 miles per hour scale speed.
We are concerned to ask John Schwarze as to what damage his lighting fast trains may do harm to the machine.
After our trip to Canada I seem to have more respect for the Canadian railroads as I saw them as hard working for very organized to their rail efforts. I'm glad they are to the north and decent neighbors.
little railroads need little people to do the work us big people can't do. Like who of us could fit in the cab
of any of these machines?
Don Carnegie puts his yard goats to good effect by giving the engines some road service work.
Union Pacific means big time railroading as 2 modern day monsters can keep most rains moving and at track speed.
Ver Walker owns these beauties!

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