Jul 15, 2017

Putting Spokane on the map!

Here's a little known fact that may have escaped you non-railfans on this list!
We beat all the others in quantity of concrete ties on a single day. I bet that
makes all of us real proud.  Its located near Hartford Road near Idaho along Trent Ave
on the old NP, now BNSF.
Here's another record of 14 wild turkeys visiting my new home in the Spokane Valley. Those are my garbage cans
that they are inspecting for future feeding adventures. Future 14 Thanksgiving meals I would guess?
After a months absence I finally have an operable computer as all 95.000 photos have been transferred
to my new computer along with my addresses on you guys. Did anyone miss me? Steve Weso had has
SP&S Alco loco running on the Green branch that has a lot of tunnels to endure.
Another Steve Weso creation is a set of SD units that have the rare Orange/black nose stripes.
Another Steve Weso shot of a 6 Alcos of various schemes and models. One hopes we will see another Weso video
of these trains as well.
This is a non-Weso ( we think ) creation on a Saskatchewan grain car altered in a fashion that might
make it the official paint scheme as it was done so well to the car. The best graffiti job that I ever saw
and I didn't do it either!

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