Oct 31, 2016

Riding in style!

Several weeks ago we had a visitor in town called the "You got to be a Big Shot to own one of these" privately owned passenger car train tour of the Northwest!
I think there were 23 cars in all with 2 Amtrak locos in charge of the tour.  We saw them in Missoula out could not get close enough for photos. Now they came
available to me by one of my e-mail buddies on the list where he and another mystery man drove in before being told to leave. Good thing they didn't mention my name!
Here are a few of the cars as the e-mail may not deliver if I loaded it up with all 23 of them.
This one is a Canadian railroad enthusiast with the classic CN colors.
A pretty one with Northern Rwy Charters on the board.  The question is...how much to ride in a dome car...again?
Iowa Pacific is a new name for me in the railroad world but it looks a lot like Illinois Central colors?
The famous Milwaukee Road colors in all their splendor that used to stop in Spokane until 1962.
The winner in my mind is the Great Northern " Spokane" observation car that is based here in Spokane
even though GN never had this name in their consist. I would still take a ride if offered in any of them!

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