Oct 19, 2016

Still making rocks!

Maybe you remember the 2' by 4' display I made last week? Jim Bowden was so impressed with it that
he asked if I would do one for him. This one was made from leftover materials from the big one which
included a piece of blue foam 24" by 12"  base with a similar piece for the back to hold the rock castings.
The rock debris was created by putting the junk castings in a plastic bag and bashing it with a hammer.
Use latex glue as regular Liquid Nails will eat the blue foam. The cork roadbed is in place as well. Connect
the rock castings with spackle and use a wet brush to force the spackle into the seams.
Now the fun begins! Get your water base colors dabbed on a scrap piece of wood and have a pan of water
handy. Use small dabs of color ( Black, tan, brown, red? earth colors ) and use plenty of water on the brush
and start lightly as you don't want 100 percent colors. Keep adding color as you desire. Mix over the
base colors so it blends middle tones of those colors. Add Sculptamold for ground cover with sprinkles
of green stuff or better yet trees on top! Add the track and rust it!
The purpose of this display is to use it as a background for Ebay model sales and it is a good idea.
It should make the model look more special in such a setting.  How about you?

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