Oct 8, 2016

Big weekend at the Evergreen!

I will be running 3 of these RS-1 in Spokane International colors during our open house Saturday night with a set of UP work train equipment.
I painted this loco!  We all hope you will stop in!
Jim Bowden has these Santa Fe units for his passenger train set.
There are the 3 units for the SI that have a UP work train to tow.
Marvin will surprise us as to his train but this one is a favorite of mine with 4 SD45's in the lead.
Clean are a whistle Canadian Pacific power on our layout but it seems the real ones never get washed!
I think I'm showing favoritism showing my RS-1s on the move passing the port district where Cobbleton
connects with the world with barge service to the outside of the Evergreen Empire.

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