Oct 14, 2016

Now it looks like the BNSF is doing the trespassing on the Evergreen Railroad property.

Not one but two sets of powerful locomotives from the mighty BNSF make their way across the mountains of the Evergreen Region.  Evergreen
Security better check on their Green cards, environmental impact, calorie intake and mental health!
We checked this guy out and he passed all the tests so far. Steve Weso does video recording of
Steve Ray's train so we can look forward to more viewing enjoyment!
Marvelous Marvin had his Boeing Airplane bodies on the rails praying that they can make it through Montana before they become seaplanes again.
Scotty Smith had these large UP diesels in charge of a 39 car coal train and what a sight it made
winding through the entire layout last night. No coal dust was found after it passed.
Brand new to the club was Janis Ledum and Rod Huffman's commuter train called the Sounder. They are
the trains that serve the needs of the Washington State that live along the coast of Pudget Sound.
The Milwaukee Road is always represented by Don Carnegie but this time he includes the #156 Bi-centennial,
a standard U boat and in the middle is a Erie Lackawanna Bi-centennial in red, white and blue as well.
Colorful? Different? Believeable? Don has an answer! After all it's what you make it. But would
Colin Capernick stand for it as it passed? Probably not.

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