Oct 18, 2016

Trolley line gets a going over.

A week or so has gone by when the guys decided to work on the trolley line that normally gets ignored by the track crew. Over the years the
black underlayment that represents the road decided to lift up which made the trolley operation questionable.
John Schwarze carefully climbed up on the layout to fix the problem but John being 87 times larger than
the layout makes him look out of scale.
This fella is looking for enemy planes or something that was not explained to me but I assume it has
something to do with looking at models. A complete investigation is under way.
Last week we had a Spokane Train Show or Swap Meet where an HO layout called FREEMO was on display.
The most impressive section on the system was this one with this massive double track wood trestle
built by one of our ex-members Allan Cunningham shown on the right.
THe larger G scale was also there with a set of Santa Fe F units in charge as this kid was following it around
the layout. This is the stuff that make outdoor railroading possible.
Finally the photo of the BN caboose that was done up in red, white and blue just like the Desert Storm
diesel was to support our troops who were in danger back in 1992.

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