Nov 4, 2016

Family gathering at the Evergreen

I was minding my own business when a few of the guys called me to say here's a good shot of some of the pre-merger railroads passing each other and wouldn't
it make a good shot to get them together. It took me a nano second to agree with them and here it is!
Don Carnegie has come up with an answer as to why he is now modeling the Erie Lackawanna in
Spokane. I can't understand it but its his railroad as it passes the ice station building.
Steve Weso had his SP&S on the road but the 2 cabooses caught my eye and the camera's attention as well.
Meet Mr. San Diego or as his wife calls him Ernest Grabbe. They moved up here a few months ago
and they are still emptying boxes but found time to join a local model railroading! He's a
retired Civil Engineer so don't use any long words or sudden moves. Welcome  Ernest.

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