Oct 4, 2016

Hoboken ... part 2

I think this is ground zero where the lady from Brazil was killed by falling debris from the accident.
It was on track 5 so we are standing at danger close.
There's Kent, my brother Ed and Burt walking into the station with one of the new engines to the right.
They are European in design and Kevin says they are junk! What's the matter with GE or EMD?
It's a busy and important station for New York workers that live in New Jersey and need to commute
to the city. When trains come east to Hoboken terminal they go through the Jersey Meadows, tunnel
through the Bergan Hills and drop down at grade towards the terminal. Brakes are needed for this
drop is some hundreds of feet from the crest and a brake malfunction could be the cause. Nephew Kevin
Quinn may have an update for me soon and I will pass it on!  Jerry Quinn

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