Oct 22, 2016

Railranning for 22 minutes off the Havana St. Bridge

On my way home today from the office today I noticed a rare sight in the form of Kansas City Southern locomotives waiting to go west in sunny
downtown Yardley.  I called Keith who was at the yard office but not on duty yet and he answered his phone to find out if this train was going to leave soon.
He wasn't sure as it as due out some 4 hours ago when it arrived.
No matter, there was the yard power tuning up and moved off to find something other than this side
dump work cars in front of the yard office.
Next thing I noticed was a headlight coming west and it turned out to be one of those evil oil trains
with the sweetness from the North Dakota earth.
Pretty soon after that this eastbound showed up with a container train loaded with the goodies we all
want at Best Buy and Walmart.
This lonesome Dash 9 has a Loram tie machine in tow coming out of the Parkwater yard in the background.
At minute 22 ( looked it up on the properties column ) another container train came into the yard.
It was time for me to get home. It's a nice place to visit...but I wouldn't want to work here.

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