Oct 14, 2016

Old friend and visitor gets track priviliges on the Evergreen!

Steve Ray and me, back in 1980, joined the old River City club some 36 years ago in the Spokane Valley,
paid us a visit today and ran his special train on our tracks. He's the one with the black shirt while Steve
Weso, Greg Domme and young Eliam watch as his train starts up hill.
Steve nails the Paloue River & Coulee City 3651 almost to a tee. The yellow safety stripes may have
been added to this engine after the photo was taken. Railroad was located west and south of Spokane.
Amazing capture of the prototype.
Typical of shortlines they switch power from one line to another depending on traffic, repairs,
etc. to help a sister railroad out of a jam. The 799 is owned by the same entity but different location.
Steve did his own decals for this private car and he had 6 or more of these cars on his train.
The PCC served a large grain growing region so grain cars are the norm.  Thanks Steve, for sharing this with us!

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