Oct 4, 2016

Oil cars heading back for another drink

Two Dash 9 GE locomotives rated at 4400 hp each has a spacer car between them and the oil tank cars for safety in case something goes wrong and
they would have more of a chance to get away from  the inferno. In the distance there is another unit pushing to help keep the couplers from too much
stress and brake apart. The engineer runs that one from the front unit as there is no crew member in the rear cab.
I saw this one crawling towards Pines Road eastbound and it was easy getting into position to shoot
him at Irvin Bridge across the Spokane River. The trees seem to help the view.
This set is a lowly pair of Geeps doing switching on Railroad Avenue in the Valley! The BNSF merger
was in 1995 and still the BN colors are still going strong even though the lettering may not be.
The ditch lights work! But where are the ditches?

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