Oct 28, 2016

Meet Mr. Funnyface

This General Electric U50 diesel looked like no other locomotive in the land. Its flat face was as distinctive as it could be giving the
engineer a clear view of the track ahead. It also put them in a somewhat dangerous spot if something was on the tracks....like a gas truck!
But this is only a model that has been enhanced by Scotty Smith with working lights that make it seem alive!  Please, no one tell Scotty that I called
his loco Mr. Funnyface, after all I sold it to him!
Did I mention that it is also very large only to be outdone by the other Union Pacific double engined EMD DD-40
Centennials following the double engined U-50. Compare them to the SD40-2s in trail for size.
Northern Pacific was also in attendance with 4 SD45s pulling a freight with a set of first generation
F units going the other way.  It feels like 1967 all over again!
Here we have first generation Rock Island Rocket passenger train stopping to pick up a few strays at the
Bakersville station while 2nd generation SP&S Alco 424s wait for the call to duty while a fast moving 3rd
generation BNSF 4000 hp monsters pass all of them by at track speed.
The Rio Grande may be long gone out there in the real world but Union Pacific created Heritage paint
schemes on some of their absorbed railroads for legal reasons such as this model that remembers the
graphic that it used when it ran into the Rocky Mountains in the good, old days.

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