Oct 11, 2016

Leftovers anyone?

The Northern Pacific lives on with our models, memories and fondness with several members of the Evergreen. This set of SD45s passes our oil
industry on the back side of the club layout. Not bad for a iphone camera photo?
New to the hobby are these aged BN locos with the faded look. All that is needed is a little grimy
black and some rust colors? Anyone know how to do that?
This one is new to me as I never saw this car before. The new way to ship metal coils protected from
the weather and such, the brackets on top is for stacking the tops when they are unlading the coils.
My Spokane International train passes a government road project that has taken 4 years so far and they
are still not finished with the project. I see the trucks in the background still waiting to get through!
Jim Bowden and Marvin Sheppard watch as a potential customer checks out the deals on the table
at the Spokane Train Show this past Sunday.
A contrast in history s an aged steam engine still works the Green Branch while the Red Main gets
to have SI locos work upgrade past Beaver Canyon.

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