Oct 22, 2016

I was driving down the road when all these trains got in my way!

While waiting for my wife to be done with a doctor's appointment I went down to the BNSF tracks
in downtown Spokane and caught this Herzog maintainance unit pasing by at a slow speed.
I saw these 4 Boeing planes passing at a very low altitude westbound but the lighting was poor but it
was so tempting me to shoot it with my camera. Where's Greg when you need him?
The sun came out and shot it again with my 200mm from the crossing road ( I guess they weren't going very
fast after all? )
The next day I saw a Union Pacific train going east and got in front of it at Millwood where they go
under the BNSF ( ex-NP ) double main line in the Spokane Valley. The red Canadian Pacific loco is a shared
power thing with the UP.
Three minutes later this BNSF train had a leased CITIRAIL in charge of an eastbound. All these engines
are in the 4000 horsepower range which is like 4 times more powerful than the first gen. diesels.
In an earlier e-mail I showed this train as a Loram tie train and here's why. Those fingers on the orange thing
is a tie adjuster and you can see where the operator sits just to the left of the finger thing. It's quite
amazing how this thing works to align ties, concrete or wood, to the correct measurements. No 40 man
tie crew either. I'm shooting through a tight chain link fence that distorts the photo.

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