Oct 21, 2016

Grain trains dominate the Evergreen Railroad!

You can tell it's fall by the amount of grain trains passing through Spokane every day and now the Evergreen Railroad has the same experience.
Here is a collective photo of 3 big grain trains passing each other on the way to and from the coast  It wasn't planned but that's how it ended up
with Mike Baker, Marvin and Steve Weso adding the fleet to the scene.
They meet again on another portion of the layout. The real product will turn into breads and pastas
around the world. Thank you farmers...and the railroads as well.
John Schwarze did not get the e-mail as to bringing a grain train, then again no one told him to bring
his favorite train from sunny California. Nice headlight John!
Marvin's train was 70 cars long and as you can see the locos to the left but the caboose is still out of the
Nicely weathered U-boats depart the yard that belong to Mike Baker, the Mayor of Bakersville.

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