May 5, 2016

Good enough to be a screensaver?

The mighty Great Northern 4-8-4 steam engine made a surprise return to the Wednesday night group of guys that make that night their night. This time Jim Bowden is
pulling a company train of all coal cars. We see unit trains these days but back then they usually mixed with whatever was needed to get down the line.
Back in the good old days a caboose was required for the crew to use as their office, bathroom break,
warmth, coffee break and home away from home.
Steve Weso, the video guy, showed up today as well with 48 well cars that made one heck of a long train. He told me he has 25 more well cars but he is
a modest guy and didn't want to show off! Next week he'll load 'em up!
MY final shot before I left today was Steve's power popping out of the Red Main tunnel under the
famous Wyatt bridge built by Roy and Kyle that is a standout on the layout.

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