May 27, 2016

Fw: The race is on.... old versus new!

Since the inception of the Montana Rail Link in the middle 80's when BN sold the old NP main line from Laurel ( Billings, Mt) to Sandpoint, Idaho the
railroad relied on trade-offs from prior owners to run the trains such as Steve Weso models of SD-40-2 diesels in the background. Now the MRL has
about 25 purchased new modern units that handles fast freights and helper service over Mullan Hill west of Helena. Marvin has those shown here.
I learned that these SD40-2 models are Athearn Blue box and Steve did all the work and paint on them.
Greg Mercier has ties to New England and Maine Central is part of that thinking. Here we have Greg
running 3 of them on the Blue Main.
More east power showed up Thursday night with new member Tom Hindley acquired 2 CSX models
plus another one from the Hubee collection I will be fixing up for him to run with these models. Welcome Tom!
Our gal Janis had this long Great Northern passenger train with 4 or 5 F units to keep it running on time.
Finally we had a meeting to describe the working of our computer DCC system on the layout to
teach and remind all of the members how to assign and work the functions needed for good operation.
Marvin went over the basics with some 14 members that were there for the clinic.

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