May 18, 2016

Smoking at a young age!

As I understand the mechanics of American Locomotive products ( Alco) They had a lagging turbo problem that fed fuel into the motor faster than it
could burn the fuel for its power. Therefore they smoked a lot, especially when they were starting out.
I stopped by the club today and Steve Weso followed me soon after to set up his models for a Wednesday
night run session.  He put his 4 SP&S locos on the Green branch which is rarely photographed as it has
short radius curves and not as attractive to most members.
His pride and joy was this little 24 foot brass caboose that is a copy of the parent NP caboose.
Steve stopped at every bridge for me to take my photos to avoid the chance of getting blurry photos.
Even the Heimerdinger bridge got its share of attention with all units in the shot.
You'll always know Steve is in the house as he always seems happy in what he is doing and laughs
to show his pleasure. More of us should be like Steve!

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