May 19, 2016

Half hour on the Otis Orchard overpass

As I crossed over the Barker Road rail crossing I saw I had a green block of something coming east so I
diverted my car to the highway overpass on this beautiful sunny day in May. I waited about 10 minute when this
high rail truck showed up going west. He stopped under the bridge I was standing on as he had a red block.
Ten minutes after the truck arrived here comes what I was waiting for. This BNSF train is crossing Baker Road
and he is designated to take the siding as the high rail truck is sitting on the main track. I use my 200 mm lens
for this shot.
The train has 5 big units of power in the lead so that means it has 4400 horsepower times 5 engines,
if you care to do the math on how many horse it has. Focal lens is about 150mm.
As it came closer I pulled back to about 25 mm and get this wide angle look standing on the outside of
the railing. A Spokane County cop passed me a few minutes earlier so I guess I wasn't violating something.
I quick dash across the road catches this eastbound in good light and you can see Trent Avenue of the left with a substantial power pole line as well. The 4 lead units are GE Dash 9s and the
trailing unit is a EMD model #9240 with the notched nose for sand traction for the wheels. Mr. Buffet would be proud of his railroad.
It was a very long train with mostly JB Hunt containers loaded with goodies for the eastern markets.

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