May 17, 2016

Returning to the overpasss on a sunny Monday afternoon.

I was going to a meeting tonight but had time to kill and after spotting a headlight on the old NP main
I thought I would get back to the UP/ BNSF overpass in the Spokane Valley. I didn't make it as you can see.
This Citirail Dash 9 got there first pulling a half dozen containers west. That would have been a good catch
if I was on the sunny side of the bridge I thought.
So I waited for another westbound that might come along and found the angle of the sun to my liking.
I heard a horn in the distance and thought that it was an eastbound on the old NP north main so I walked over
to it to catch the good sunlight on it. A few minutes later the eastbound showed up but on the south main.
So much for out thinking the railroad.
It was an empty oil train heading back to South Dakota for another load of sweet smelling sulfur!
For a few moments I though all was lost until I thought this train may have a helper unit on the rear?
Sure enough it did and caught him pushing his share of oil cans with a spacer car between them for safety.
Does this area look safe to you?

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