May 20, 2016

The Amazing Weso and his friends!

Leftover from Wednesday's shoot with Steve Weso, I didn't want to leave out this shot of his SP&S FA leading the pack out of a rock cut on the Green branch on the Evergreen
club layout.  Rarely does a large and newer power make its way this far into the clubs higher reaches. Say, nice rock work! I wonder who they pay to get this kind of work?
Marvin had this 5 unit set of Northern Pacific freight F units out on the main line. The NP freight colors were
black, yellow and red stripes and the passenger units were 2 tone green.
The queen of the SP&S fleet showed up in the pin stripe scheme along with a smaller little brother
they call an F unit. It stopped to take on more customers and drop off others at Cobbleton Union Station.
Now the passenger duty is all Amtrak's as all railroads turned over the responsibilities to them. Janis
had a full set of passenger cars to make a long train.
One of my SP&S Alcos needed shop repairs to keep it going so the workers put it on our club's
transfer table to move it to the right bay. Hillyard had one just like this one.
Greg Mercier had his SP&S  freight loaded with 4 units in charge. This is the front of our layout and we
wanted to make it special. Every week I wonder what I am going to say about these photos and it
seems the guys keep giving me special stuff to show. Thanks guys.

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