May 28, 2016

Back when the Milwaukee Road came to Spokane....

Back in the days of steam engines and passenger trains Spokane had UP, GN, NP, SP&S, SI and lastly the Chicago, Milwaukee , St. Paul & Pacific Railroad visit our fair city at least once a day.
The Milwaukee came on UP tracks into Union Station on Trent Ave. over the High Bridge west of town and also came from the east over the Dishman Mica line that now only has UP freight trains.
Don Carnegie now has a replica of one of the engines that brought hundreds of train loads into Spokane on both east and west journeys. The #267 is now running again abet in 1/87 scale!
It could pull these 18 passenger cars without a problem, you can see the engine just in front of the yellow
car behind a building as it made its way over the terrain. The whistle and sounds were amazing.
No Photoshop was needed!
Union Pacific had its turn for glory as Tom Kirk added to his UP power collection.
Another favorite for Greg Mercier is the Northern Pacific with his 2 GP9s pulling 30 cars up the grades
on the Blue line. I see that cop is still up there on the high line giving that poor photographer a bad time!
Two of Marvin's big Montana Rail Link engines have a long train in tow making the grades and crossing
many bridges on its way to delivering the goods.
One of my Milwaukee Road SD40-2 engines gets a look at by shop crews to keep it in tip top shape
just in case they need it out in the action.

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