May 7, 2016

Leftovers from Thursday Night at the Evergreen Railroad

One of our new members named Russ McPherson did not have DCC in his locos so I loaned him a set of mine in the form of 3 Milwaukee Road units.
Learning the details of DCC to a new guy can be intimidating but Russ caught on quickly. The black patch means someone else owns the loco and
painted out the lettering with a roller.
Another view but this time at the back of the layout where brother in law Tom watches Russ's train pass the
port district.
Many wood trestles were built back in the day and our Green Brach typifies that era. 2 SP&S diesels
take their lives in the hands to trust the bridge will hold the weight of 2 locos.
Tom Frank has a lease unit in charge of a BN freight back in 1980 when BN leased 100 of these
Oakways from EMD.
You can tell the train is on the Green Branch because of the wood tunnel portals on the line
Someone put a dozen log cars into Bakersville but the reason leaves me scratching my head.

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