May 12, 2016

A scale mile of covered hoppers?

Steve Weso was at the club when I arrived today ( Weds) and was setting up his grain cars for a test
of his equipment for a performance test and/or.... a record?
As his 85 car train departs the yard lead and heads for the wilds of the Northwest to deliver wheat to
the starving children of Los Angeles or Compton or Santa Monica.
Steve's 5 engines handled the 85 cars very well and no derailments ( except for the yard switch timing out under his last 3 cars as I wanted to take a photo of the train not moving.)
Later that night he was going to put the Oakway ( blue ) units in the middle of the train and have the BN units
on the point. You can see his tail car with the blinking Fred on the coupler.
Marvin and John Smith showed up with their equipment but were not going to be any challenge to Steve's
massive grain train. The Wednesday gang is doing quite well even without my supervision!.

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