May 6, 2016

Who amoung us remembers the "Train of Tomorrow?

Well, for starters, Jim Trunzo does as he visited us today and treated us with this treasure from the past.
It turned out to be a big flop as the lightweight aluminum bodies of the passenger cars was not a comfortable ride. It had all the "advantages"of riding in a bus! The idea lasted about 2 years and was dropped from the American attempt to save the passenger train.
Another Jim Trunzo special was this Pennsylvania steam engine with terrific sounds. Plus that whistle
was something special. Jim grew up in Niagara Falls and his love for the Pennsy goes way back.
Marvin brought out his Northern Pacific big power after a hard morning helping Burt move his
stuff to an apartment in Post Falls. Anyone wanting to help will not be needed for Friday.
We have a Western Pacific fan in the club named John Schwarze who grew up in California and
that is what he remembers as a kid.
The SP&S makes a daring run on the Green Branch crossing Heimerdinger Bridge on Mount Whitney.

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