May 13, 2016

Party time at the Evergreen!

The month of May had 3 members and a wife of one honored with a birthday cake and pie at the club tonight.
Jim Bowden, Russ McPherson, and Rod Huffman (absent) plus Keith Wiles wife Wanda were recognized
for their membership in the club . Marvin is excellent in the production of the pastries and is the benefactor
and we need to thank him as well.
On top of the party was a visit by a local Kiwanis Club of some 20 members that got to see the club in
action with 5 or 6 trains making the rounds.
Here's a wide shot of 2 BN train sets passing each other in the race to get somewhere before the day is done.
Earlier in the day Mike Conners had his 2 Great Northern RS2s. They trundle on looking for a wash rack!
I put a Spokane International train together with 3 RS1s . The SI lasted until 1959 when the Union Pacific
took them over and got a connection with the Canadian Pacific at the border. They are my sentimental
favorite railroad.
New member Russ McPherson got 3 of his BNSF Dash 9s dialed up in the DCC system and pulled a
test train of coal cars to see how they performed. At one time I had 9 of them. One RS1 was sent to Switzerland!
The Western Pacific was well represented by John Schwarze with his RDC ( Rail Diesel car) pulling into
Bakerville station to pick up customers along the line. RDCs were a terrific idea that gave service to
passengers yet were very efficient in small crew and low maintenance as opposed to the steam engine
and passenger car service.

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