May 20, 2016

Variety is the spice of life.

Milwaukee Donald put 2 of his GE models to work on the Green branch this time hauling logs to the mill
or the reload.
Mr. Weso also took his train on the Red line so he could visit Bakersville station. There are those log loads again.
Steve Weso had his SP&S Empire Builder/North Coast Limited/ Columbia Cannonball combination running
on the Blue main and the story goes that someday he will have the 3 unpainted cars in consort with his dreams.
Grey Mercier put his SP&S C-424s thru the works and remembers that railroad when he was a kid.
Steve Weso got this as delivered SP&S E-7 #750 in the GN Empire Builder colors but with different
lettering than what you normally think when you say Empire Builder as they carried a part of it from
Spokane to Portland back in the day. Needs a little weathering?
Evergreen club picked up a new member Thursday night named Tom Hindley who is new to the hobby
and he ready to learn all the good stuff it has to offer. Welcome aboard Tom!

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