Mar 20, 2016

Building the fleet...some real and some imaginary

I was looking over some of my latest creations and I realized how I am constantly adding to my
Spokane International fleet of rolling stock. This gon used to be a Santa Fe model until I turned it
into what could have been if they purchased any of these types of cars. I used the box car lettering.
The SI had 50 of these covered hoppers to move cement usually for a customer on the line.
These models need to be assembled and I usually find them at swap meets as kits. Modelers today
don't need to do much work for excellent models but they pay a hefty price for the detail.
Athearn 40 foot flat cars are the standard fare for my flat car fleet. Removing the brake wheel system
is required and add a brake rod on one end to make it official.
Every flat car, gon, coal car needs to have a load to make it on my railroad. This one was freelanced
with barrels, boxes, ties and a couple of workers to finish it off. Photos taken with my iphone!
Early maintenance sand and gravel car always makes me think who is going to empty this car? I hope
they have a clam bucket crane to help them do it? Again boxcar lettering makes it all possible.
Decals are still available but who knows for how long. Jerry 509-939-5845

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