Mar 11, 2016

Does life mirror art or is it the other way around?

As a life long photographer , at least until I could afford to buy film I was always interested in photographing life including trains, planes and automobiles ( including
cop cars, fire trucks, etc. ). This time its art mirroring life as it shows "somebody" being approached by a BNSF cop while an "innocent" railfan is about to be questioned
as to what he is doing.  Duh, I'm taking a picture of some fascinating train coming down the tracks.....I have been doing so for over 50 years.  Why do you ask?
Co-conspirator Bob Gadsby ( border patrol Bob ) worked for several months finding models and decals to pull this off. I think Marvin had something to do with it as well.
Another potential member has been rejected by your President Quinn as
she does not conform to the limitations of our train club aisles. I guess we
need our elbow room? We have so many rules don't we?
Speaking of big we have the largest pair of locomotives ever built in the form of DD-40s ( I kid you not)
which were Union Pacific's Centennials built in 1969 as I saw the first one ( 6900) at Ogden station
for their 100th anniversary of the Golden Spike which united our country from sea to shining sea.
Scotty Smith acquired 2 of them recently where one has sound and the other does not.  These locos
were huge as they had 2 diesel engines built into the one body and each loco generated over 6000
hp to get trains over the grades in Wyoming and Utah.
The real 6936 visited Spokane a number of years ago and is the last operating survivor of the class
and is now in the UP Heritage collection along with a Big Boy, Challenger and a Northern steam locos.
By the way these photos were taken by my iphone as my battery gave out on my Canon. Not bad?

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