Mar 4, 2016

Tour by Model A of the Evergreen hot spots

The photographer mast own a Model A as it seems to be in all the shots. We see him visiting the
local lumber mill in his fancy yellow machine.
Next stop is at Jimmy's Cider factory where the soft and hard stuff is manufactured. It was named
Jimmy's after Jim Trunzo donated his model and talents to make it a feature in Bakersville.
Plenty of customers are waiting for the next passenger train to pick them up to go the the big city
of Cobbleton. Notice that people dressed properly back then with ties and  shiny shoes!
Either Donald Trump is in town or the local pimp is now out of jail as the pink Cadillac is parked
on the street in Bakersville.
The Bakersville Fire Department has a new fire truck and the old one is now in the alley.
The photographer's car needs new tires and who better to install them but our own Kelly Tire
business located at the outskirts of Bakersville. If he drives over that boulder he will need another
new tire and a rim!

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