Mar 2, 2016

Tuning up for the Saturday Open House at the Evergreen!

Up in the high Sierra Mountains strange steam machines worked the timber industry and brought out millions of logs so we could make things like
houses and model railroad layouts. This shot reminds me that men worked a long, hard day to make a few bucks doing the job few of us would do today.
Bob Gadsby ran this little bit of heaven today at the club but friend of the Evergreen Chuck Heimerdinger
photographed the real thing back in the early 1960's.
Bob suggested this photo of his engine passing a new addition to the club at the log reload on the
Green Branch that Burt is working on. I can't figure out why the white shows up a little pink?
Marvin tested out his recently painted BN SD40-2 today in preparation of Saturday's open house.
The night before a train show in Spokane we open our doors to the visitors and guests who would like
to see what we've done to this layout.
In the good old days this would be the ultimate way to see the Northwest from a private observation car.
Imagine the cold drinks and hot wings being served while traveling the mountains of Montana...and Idaho.
Almost as good as watching a Seahawk game against the Broncos!

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