Mar 23, 2016

Marvin improves the North Coast Limited.

Marvin was popping his buttons today on the improvements he's made to his model of the
Northern Pacific's premier passenger train. when there were such things to be proud of.
Adding the red warning lights to his observation car took him several days to figure it out and
get them working right.That should keep those drunkin freight engineers from banging into his train!
Tom Kirk made up a work train this afternoon with Union Pacific power .along with a newly acquired
Southern Pacific unit in trail
What caught my eye was the pre-built sections of ready to drop into place when they have a derailment and
need to open the track as soon as possible.  The tie down chain really sets the models off.
Not a model you see every day much less the real ones.
Tom was arranging my SI covered hoppers and I thought they looked neat lined up in a row.
Finally I got this photo from somebody that I thought it was most appropriate that someone honored
the firefighters, medical, cops and others that show up to these disasters that we seem to be having too
many lately. Norfork Southern did it back east and that is something nice to see being done. But those
cop cars should be out chasing people off the prop....oh, never mind!

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  1. Great blog guys. Good mix of real and model and with a sense of humour. Keep up the good work. John, Scotland UK.