Mar 8, 2016

Breakfast with the Greeners!

A record number of members and friends showed up for our little gathering at IHOP at 7 am to get
started before we go over to the Spokane County Fairgrounds where the Train Show will happen.
There were 21 of us taking up the space and most of the guys were wearing the club shirts!
Our good friend from Wenatchee mike Walcker had his table with our group selling brass and other
models.  Mike was a Washington State Patrol officer and a BNSF cop and I still like him!  I love his SI hat!
This suspicious character was hanging around our table....oh wait, that's one of our members named Bob
Gadsby. He was a border patrol agent on the Canadian Border and he kept the bad guys from coming
down here. These two tables handle the club's effort to sell the Hugh Ebright collection of locos and freight cars.
Terry Frank helped me at my tables where I am getting low on saleable models from my collection.
Jim Bowden converses with Spike Gorley and his wife  at his table. Jim was a Lionel guy until he joined
our HO club and became a dedicated HO guy himself.

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