Mar 5, 2016

Test runs of trains for Saturday's open house

Mike Baker learned well on whatever weathering classes he attended by me as his Milwaukee Road
units got the treatment in grunge.  Show starts 5 pm to 9 pm on Saturday before the train show.
18213 East Appleway in the Spokane Valley. Exit 293 south to Appleway.
Scotty Smith is a Union Pacific guy with his 7 car UP passenger train making the rounds.
I brought in a few SP&S units to pull a freight train on Saturday.
Scotty has changed out the power from the E units to a steam engine on his UP train.
Those videos you see coming out of the Evergreen are done by Steve Weso and here he is shooting more
video for future productions. He is as nutty making videos as I am doing these still shots. What a team!
Tom Kirk took my Milwaukee locos out for a spin as I was busy with painting some equipment for
a few members. How do you like the patch job on number 3. It turned into a Helm Leasing unit and
the corporate lettering had to go.  I guess they didn't have any orange left in Milwaukee?

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